Testicular Self-Exam

Women do self assessments for their breasts, so why don’t men check their testicles?  It is important for men to do self examination regularly to understand their normal anatomy and help identify any changes that might occur.

A Testicular Self Exam includes:

  • Having a warm shower or bath to allow for the scrotum to relax making it easier to perform a testicular exam.
  • Once relaxed, take a look at your scrotum in the mirror to assess the size and appearance.  It is normal to have one testicle larger or hang lower than the other.
  • Feel each testicle carefully using your thumb and fingers, gently rolling the testicle feeling for lumps or bumps, a change in consistency, size or swelling.  Your testicle should feel smooth and at one end you should feel soft tissue and a tube called the epididymis.  This is the channel that carries sperm. 
  • Assess your testicles monthly. Once you become familiar with your testicles, you should be able to identify any irregularities if they come up.  If you notice a change in your testicles, be sure to notify your family physician immediately.  Not all irregularities in your testicles are cancerous but it is important to be thoroughly examined by a medical professional.


 Testicular Self-Assessment Cliff Notes:

  • Have a warm bath or shower to relax your scrotum
  • Look in the mirror to assess size, shape and appearance
  • Feel your testicles with your thumb and fingers, looking for changes in consistency, size and swelling
  • Repeat monthly

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